[trav-uh-loo-shuhn] movement of people who believe life is about experience more than destination

Thanks for dropping by!  I’m Cristina, a 20-something journalist by trade and traveller by heart. I’m a Canadian with a love for Europe, a minimalist in progress, obsessive food addict, and Experiential Travel Blogger for thetravolution.com. This blog is my outlet to break from conventional living and create a more meaningful journey.

My Story

In 2007, an impulsive, last minute decision would completely change the way I think about living. After spending $30,000 on my education degree (and a little hesitation to enter adulthood), I packed up and headed for my first long-term trip over the ocean. I realized travel is the best education you could ever invest in. Through culture, history, adventure, fear, poverty, and getting lost in foreign places I learned I didn’t want to read about the world. I wanted to experience it.

I graduated in Journalism with a focus on International Relations and hopes of, one day, using my travels to volunteer my way around the world. I worked in radio and television, mainstream and non-profit media, chasing news as a production assistant, writer, reporter, and field producer. Instead of chasing news stories, I’m now chasing travel and experiences. Since turning down my dream job – twice I am working toward my location-independent life and merging the two things I love most as a journalist and traveller.

How I Travel

Experiential travel is about travelling in ways that connect us to people, places, history, culture, and other’s way of life.  It’s about venturing into authentic neighbourhoods, going where locals go, eating where locals eat, and immersing in new experiences. Eat, live, travel like a local.

Why I Travel

Travel is a metaphor for something greater and it has changed how I live. It’s about happiness that comes, not from possessions or things that we own, but from experiences we have. It’s about living in the moment, appreciating the simple things, and creating a more meaningful life.

Where I Travel

Europe is my first love. It has the ability to make you love life, live in the moment, and appreciate the simple things.  There is no place like it and I hope you will see why too. Through this blog, I’m following my heart through picturesque towns, culinary experiences, romantic languages, exciting adventures, and a more meaningful journey.

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“Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer” – one smart man


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