My Life List

In my early twenties I made a bucket list. In my mid-twenties, my perspective on life changed completely. Those years taught me what I value most, what I think is really important and what I don’t think is important anymore.

Since my 24th birthday in Nice, I vowed to live a life of travel. When I turned 27 I promised to say YES to the things I want to do, and No to the things society thinks I should do.

So I revised my list. I made a life list. A list of things I want to do, see, experience and continue over my lifetime.

There is a reason I have a list and it’s the same reason I think everyone should have one. So we don’t forget to live. In the chaos of every day life, it’s there so I don’t forget those things that excite me, inspire me, help me live more meaningful, or make me a better person. It’s to remind me that I don’t want my life to pass me by. My life list is my reminder to live.

Happiness happens when you live simply; realizing you’re perfectly content without the things you thought you needed. 

While it’s a work in progress, I’m holding myself to it by posting it here! I figure if I make my list public for the whole world to see, it holds me accountable.

Now, where do I start?!

Personal List

Volunteer in Africa
Volunteer in South America
Volunteer in Easter Europe
Volunteer in Asia
Go on a meaningful retreat to India
Learn to make paella in Spain
Become fluent in French
Become fluent in Italian
Learn a fourth language
Live in France
Live in Italy
Bungee Jump
Run the Paris marathon
Run the Prague marathon
Run the Barcelona marathon
Run a marathon in Italy
Get published
Buy an apartment in France
Buy an apartment in Italy
Do a 30-day hot yoga challenge
Learn salsa
Build my location independent life
Start a non-profit

Travel List

Bastille Day in Paris
Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
Ghost tour in Prague
Visit a Concentration camp
Picnic under the Eiffel Tower
Winery in Bordeaux
Winery in La Toscana
Amalfi coast (Ravello, Positano, Sorrento and Capri)
White water raft (Tirol, Austria)
Eat pizza from Eat, Pray, Love‘s Pizzeria da Michele, Napoli
La Merce festival, Barcelona
Czech Folk Night, Prague
Learn La Sardana in Spain
Ride a vespa through Rome
Ride a vespa through Tuscany
Seville, Spain
Medieval town of Besalú, Spain
Moscow, Russia
Zip-line somewhere
Eat Carbonara at Trattoria il Timoniere, Rome
La Tomatina in Valencia