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theTravolution is the experiential travel blog with a focus on unique travel experiences as well as travel that is local, and off the beaten path.


theTravolution’s key demographics are independent, experience-seeking travellers aged 18-35 with the following interests:

  • Adventure Travel
  • Culinary or Food Travel
  • Local Travel
  • Festival Travel
  • Cultural Travel

Statistics Summary*

  • Klout Score: 61 (increase of 12 points in previous 90 days)
  • 37.3% of readers are from USA
  • 14.9% of readers are from Canada
  • 25% of readers are spread out amongst UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Netherlands
  • 37.8% bounce rate
  • Visitors to the site view an average of 2.8 unique pages per day and spend 03:53 on each each page
  • New section, Travel for Social Good receives 28% search
*As of May 30, 2013


Forget print. Forget TV. Forget traditional journalism. As a journalist by trade, I’ve seen how the conventional medium is just not working anymore and consumers now want their info from the source. Tourism marketing is changing and travellers are relying more than ever on social interaction and word of mouth from those who have actually been there.

Travel brands and tourism boards can empower their visibility by connecting with me.

Why work with Cristina?

Background. Journalist. PR professional. Marketing coordinator. TV Production. Social Media Freelancer.

Experience.  Most bloggers today understand only one aspect of the industry. Blogging. My extensive professional background in media, including journalism, public relations, social media, and marketing is what sets me apart. It means I get it when it comes to brand messaging and goals. Having been on all sides of the spectrum, I have unique insight into what brands need and what consumers want — and how to achieve both. I know how to work with brands to strategize campaign plans, tell their story, create brand chatter, and empower consumers to act. My skills bring value to your brand.

Engagement. As a traditional journalist, I’m professionally trained, well-researched, and understand the importance of capturing consumers through engaging content. I’m highly active on social media and, as a content producer online, I offer a different kind of voice that is personal, inspiring, informative, and accessible. I offer a more raw experience for readers, genuine recommendations, and real world connections than traditional journalism and marketing can offer.

What I Do

Press. I partner with tourism boards, travel companies, and PR agencies who want to humanize their brand, raise their online presence, and really connect with consumers more personally. Brands need a human element – someone who has experienced their product, can offer on-the-ground and first-hand knowledge, or simply someone who can think like their consumer.

Sponsorships may include banner advertising, sponsored posts, contests, reviews of travel gear/product/accommodations, social media features, and/or brand ambassadorship for tourism-related companies.

– Customized solutions to improve incoming tourism
– In-depth product reviews for travel brands including lodging, adventure activities, tours, culinary, travel gear
– Build a trustworthy and engaging relationship between your brand and the consumer
– Work in your brand’s best interest but most of all, in the best interests of new and curious travellers
– Custom blog posts, articles and content
– Engaging video content
– Repeat social media marketing among multiple platforms

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If you are running a new project or marketing initiative I would love to learn more about your new campaign and discuss ways we can work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. I am available for sponsorships, partnerships, promotions, and press trips.


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